Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

B1A4 on their debut, unusual nicknames, and future goals

Yak,, nggak kerasa udah sebulan rookie boy group B1A4 debut dg album single mereka, “Let’s Fly“. Sejak itu, mereka sibuk promosi lagu mereka, “OK“, dan fans mereka pun udah banyaaak.. *prok prok pro*
sang Rapper cute, Baro, mengatakan, “It’s been about a month since our debut and there are already fans who recognize us. More people came to our fan signing than we expected, so we were all surprised. We promise to work hard so that we can show the public more of who we are.” (udeeeh translate sendiri sonoo, males dakuw)
Leader Jinyoung nambahin, “Thanks to our unique group name, fans have given us unique nicknames like ‘paper idols’ and ‘blood idols.’ Apparently, ‘paper idols’ comes from the fact that our name reminds them of A4 papers, and ‘blood idols’ comes from our blood types. We’re satisfied with the nicknames and glad that people are taking an interest in us.”
CNU nyambung, “Each of us has a different charm. Baro is good at voice imitations and beatboxing, while Sandeul and Jinyoung are good at cooking. Gongchan may seem cool, but he has a lot of aegyo. Baro and I have taken an interest in writing and composing lately, so we’re practicing very hard.”
secara keseluruhan, grup ini mengalami 2 tahun pelatihan, yg membantu membina hubungan mereka sebagai sebuah tim
Main vocal Sandeul mengungkapkan, “At our dorm, we play speed games or bingo together. These days, we’re busy rehearsing when we have free time, but playing games with the other members is one of my biggest joys in life these days outside of training.”
nah... sekarang mereka telah membuat debut sukses, apa yg mereka inginkan di masa depan?
Maknae Gongchan menjawab, “I want everyone in our nation to be able to recognize us. I promise to work hard to make that goal come true.”
Jinyoung menyimpulkan, “We consider g.o.d. as our mentors.  Their music was great and they’re loved for such a long time still. We’re determined to work hard with everything we’re given.”

aaah~~~ saranghae B1A4 !!!!
FIGHTING!!! yay!!!! \m/

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