Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Kim Heechul wants to be a dad soon?

On the most recent episode of ‘Dalgona‘, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul revealed a serious side to his usual comedic image.
The show, which takes guests through memory lane by showing video broadcasts of their hometowns, had a segment titled “If Kim Heechul wasn’t in entertainment, what would he be doing?”.
Heechul and his loved ones were tested to see if they gave similar answers, which surprisingly they did.which Heechul and his loved ones had to respond with an identical answer. 
Apparently, the Super Junior member is pretty artistic as both his aunt and grandmother answered, “Cartoon artist.” One of his cousins, however, gave the unexpected response of “Father,” which was the answer Heechul had written down as well.
Heechul stated, “How pretty would a child who looks like me be? I want to be a dad soon.”
The star’s hometown hairstylist also revealed pictures of the different hairstyles he’d asked for.

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