Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

MBLAQ’s Thunder shows off his biceps

It looks like Thunder’s musculature is the talk of the town!
On May 16th, fellow MBLAQ member G.O. tweeted, “Hmph..Look at Thunder’s biceps! That’s that but what am I to do when you pose behind me with a smaller face?”.
In the accompanying picture, Thunder is seen giving G.O. a bear hug from behind while G.O. is humorously pointing at him with his thumb. Fans are gushing over the affectionate photo, but they’re also drooling over Thunder’s sculpted arms.
In response, netizens have commented, “It’s okay G.O. Your face is small too”, “Both of you look handsome”, “I didn’t know Thunder’s body was that fine”, and “You captured the beastly image well.”
Meanwhile, MBLAQ’s debut Japanese single ‘Your Luv‘ has reached #1 on the Oricon daily music chart.

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