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[NEWS] [11.05.30] B1A4's Junior Magazine Interview

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Banana Jinyoung

‘Guys! Since you’re all doing so well right now, let’s never lose our focus and be modest and cool singers. I love you. Fighting! Let’s Fly B1A4!!

Nickname: Arctic Fox_ The leader, Jinyoung, who leads the fresh ones. His charm point is when the ends of his mouth slightly go up as he smiles~ Although Jinyoung was picked as the member with wangjabyung (T/N: directly translated it means prince disease and it’s when you’re a bit obsessed with yourself) symptoms, it’s because he always carries around a mirror and even uses it to fix his hair on his bed before sleeping. And the Mirror Prince coolly admitted to it. Jinyoung, who said he looks like the cooking mouse from ‘Ratatouille’, enjoys cooking as a hobby. They usually rotate two people to do the cooking in the dormitory and the members said that when the eldest hyung line, Jinyoung and CNU, cooks, they have the most abundant and happiest meal. Although Jinyoung and CNU are like the dad and mom of the team, the same age couple said that they’re actually awkward with each other. Even if they say that, they’ve naturally formed a family-like bond while starting off as one team since the beginning of their trainee days and living with each other for two and a half years. The innocent and bright boys said that sitting around in one room and playing Mafia or Bingo together is much more fun than doing their own individual thing~ When reminiscing about his first impressions, he said that CNU looked like he wouldn’t talk much, Baro looked like a frivolous playful one while Sandeul seemed completely innocent and the youngest Gongchan seemed chic. Something he wants to do with fans is have their own concert and a mini fanmeeting. A song he enjoys listening to lately is LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem’. Jinyoung’s number 1 treasure is his laptop. His hobby is doing media related work on that laptop. ‘Bling Girl’, which is a song in their album, was composed personally by Jinyoung on his laptop and he wrote the lyrics with the members. There was even a time when they connected a microphone to the laptop and while working on it, their neighbors came after them because the rooms weren’t soundproof~ I could vaguely assume how much they love music and are enjoying this by how Jinyoung was saying all of this while smiling brightly. Jinyoung, whose dream is to work on a song with Will.i.Am from the Black Eyed Peas and have a collaboration stage, wants to be shown to people as a true musician who loves and enjoys music and not just an idol.

“Although we’re not exceptional idols, we want to kindly go towards everyone with the exact looks you see and I want to make real music that we can enjoy together. For you to not get tired at any time you see us and you’ll want to see us more and listen to our music more, we’ll work hard to not disappoint.”

Watermelon CNU

‘Just like how we’ve come up to this point, let’s work harder and fly really high! Let’s fly together forever. Let’s Fly!!’

Nickname Pooh_ Small face, broad shoulders, and the smiling boy who has a perfectly proportioned body along with a pretty smile, his nickname is surprisingly passed as “Pooh Bear.” He gets the nickname due to his actions being aloof and being alike Pooh Bear in the sense that his actions seem always at ease. It seems that anything you throw on him will look good on him but he normally enjoys a simple t-shirt and jeans in his fashion style as his older sister tends to be the one who picks and buys his clothes for him. The only greed he has which causes him to splurge his own money for is music CDs. CNU seems nonchalant on the outside but once you get to know him, he has a lot of thoughts and affection. He owns a sensitive personality. He said that during his trainee days, going trough continuous choreography practices or vocal trainings wasn’t his hardship, but missing his friends and family were it. And to top it off, all of B1A4 is from the rural areas as CNU is from Choong-book, Jinyoung from Choong-book Choong-ju, Baro from Junam Kwang-ju, Sandeul from Kyungnam Busan, and Gongchan from Junam Soon-chun. They’re a widespread group from various areas nationwide. CNU even showed tears in not being able to hold back his emotions after finishing their first debut stage. As the eldest amongst the group, he didn’t want to show tears in front of the others but bashfully said that he showed slight~ tears while showering in the bathroom. With CNU’s honest side of being true to his emotions, you get the slight feel that he is weak. Raising dreams of becoming a singer since he was younger, he was finally able to achieve that dream after looking solely in one direction like a single-minded person, thus his reason for showing his multiple emotions being reasonable. With the passion of an innocent state-of-mind, CNU’s side of being able to shed tears hits the heart even more. CNU sets superstar Usher as his role model of who dances, sings, raps, and has producing skills and that in order to become like him, he said that he wants to work hard and continue to improve. He said he will have a live full band session on stage in showing a strong but sexy rock stage like he did during his school days when B1A4 is able to hold their own solo concert under their name solely.

“The important thing is to not lose your rookie state-of-mind. No matter how much you succeed, if you lose your heart then there’s no meaning is what I think. I don’t want to become a person who can’t stand proudly in front of the family and fans who are looking out for me.”
Orange Sandeul

‘Let’s all work harder and put our effort in to become a more amazing B1A4 in the future!!’

Nickname: Psyduck_ The “Sandeul Wind/Gentle Breeze Dance” which is the main point in the choreography for B1A4’s title song ‘O.K.’ in their debut album <Let’s Fly> derives from Sandeul’s name. The reason is because his image portrays a light breeze. Of course, he gives off 100% of a refreshing feeling as an innocent boy and often gets overly excited sometimes. (Laughs) Also, the other members often tell Sandeul to answer questions in interviews first and pass the burden onto him. When playing the card game Mafia with the members, he gets overworked when being cornered as the suspect which leads him to get caught, showing a cute but ditsy character. Sandeul worked especially hard in dieting before his debut. During his trainee time, he was chubby and reined on Sandeul especially was the term diet!! He always weighted himself weekly and started exercising whith special missions which later became his biggest obstacle. He had one day left and he couldn’t lose 1kg as he shouted “Wow, it’s not going down!” and ended up running on the treadmill that whole night as he was finally able to lose the weight, being a tear jerking (?) anecdote. Being full of life, Sandeul’s facial expressions change consistently, Sandeul indeed achieved something great in completing his diet when you think away from the liveliness of his story telling and of the hardship he endured through. Meanwhile, Sandeul said that he really wanted t explain something through this interview. An international fan saw Sandeul’s past photo and left a comment saying “Sandeul is cute since he got plastic surgery~” OMG!! He said that it’s a “god-given body” and that knowing the importance of the body you gained from your parents is the start to doing good deeds for your parents. He said he’s scared of knives and he has no plans to have them held against his face, so he again changed into the overworked Sandeul in thinking what this nonsense was about! I really didn’t get plastic surgery, okay? I wear contact lenses right now but back then, I wore glasses and if I wore it again right now, I look the same. When a person’s eyes become this big (Sandeul expresses how big his eyes got by making button-size holes with his fingers) and when you gain fat on your face, you don’t look proportioned. I was really shocked when I heard about this!! If you asked me in person, I want to explain that I didn’t get plastic surgery but I never got the opportunity, so please help me reveal this. Sandeul is a natural beauty, so we hope there are no misunderstandings!! An essential item to Sandeul is none other than his glasses with strong dosage but whichever image he portrays, he owns overflowing charms.

“My dream since I was younger was to be a professor for applied music. Listening to songs from Eric Benet, Kim Yeonwoo senior, Park Hyoshin senior, and god senior have raised my dreams of becoming a musician. One day, if I were given the opportunity to have a joint stage with them…I will work hard in order for this to happen.”

Pineapple Baro

‘Since we’ve done well up to here without any problems, let’s continue to pull through in the future! Fighting~’

Nickname: Squirrel, Baramji (T/N: Daramji is squirrel in Korean, so they switched out the da for Ba as in Baro), Alvin from ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’_ Baro, who is the energizer and vitamin-like figure in B1A4. He is the only B1 in the team. All the other members have the blood type of A, but he’s the only B type male. He used to not care about small things back then, but after being with his A type members, they make time to gather and talk with each other once and week and he thinks his blood type is slowly becoming similar to theirs. Even if their personalities are different, all of their minds somehow match well with each other. While living in the dormitory, the hardest thing was commuting! The dormitory has about a 2 hour distance from his school so it was hard to wake up early and get ready, but Baro diligently went to school because his school life was fun and the company told him not to forget the duties as a student. Although he overflows with energy anywhere and is lively, he gives out too much that he quickly loses his energy by the afternoon. But he had a burning will of wanting to have an all-night concert with their fans one time. The infinite energizer, who wants to jump around like crazy with fans while performing all night and rest a bit when he’s tired, then perform again and enjoy the music and stage. But to this Baro, there were also romantic feelings. If there’s a person he loves, he plans to gift them a rose and write lyrics for that person then rap it to them. Baro freely creates beatboxes and he’s a talented person who can make any sound that’s possible to create with one’s mouth. Baro also took on all the rap making for this album. However, Baro says he is still lacking and wishes to learn rap skills from Tiger JK senior, who he respects.

“I have a message to send to my fans. Thank you for giving us excessive love. We always gather up together and wonder. What should we do to show a better stage to our fans. What event would be good. We’re preparing to show a bit to the fans. Although I don’t know how to express everything in words, I’m really thankful and I’ll work harder to show a better side! Thank you.”

Grape Gongchan

‘Since we gathered as B1A4, let’s make achieve our goals and say fighting while going to the end!’

Nickname: Shih Tzu, Crong (T/N: crocodile character from Pororo the Little Penguin)_ Besides being a vocal, Gongchan is in charge of the looks, cute acts, and being the youngest in the group. The hyungs’ love for the youngest was unusual. The members said they thought it would be hard to become close with the youngest because he was really shy and had chic looks, but after knowing him more, they found out he had a lot of aegyo and when they simply see Gongchan’s smiling face now, they immediately get strength. Although Gongchan is still the child-like, young maknae to the members, he has a mature side that comes from being the eldest in his house, so he takes care of his hyungs well even if he’s younger. The hyungs said they were proud and were absorbed in complimenting the youngest. Sandeul, who is the ‘Gongchan Baragi (T/N: Only looks at Gongchan)’, said his laptop background is set to Gongchan’s picture. Gongchan said they really felt like a family because the members came to him warmly with Jinyoung as the dad, CNU as the mom, and Baro and Sandeul as real brothers. These hyungs look the coolest when they have an impromptu session in the practice room where Baro beatboxes, CNU raps, and Jinyoung and Sandeul sings. When Gongchan recorded his singing for the first time, he was so nervous that it didn’t come out as well as it did when he practiced it and he said his own voice froze to a point where he couldn’t hear it. It seemed like stress took over without him knowing because he had the mindset of doing better. But after thinking of how his hyungs cheerfully sang the song, he started recording again and it became better from then on. After being content with the results, Gongchan flashed a smile that the members say call a shining halo. Even though Gongchan has a shining look like his smile, he also has a slightly clumsy appearance. The clothes he wears often, the items he bought recently, and his treasured items are all training suits. Even the conditions for his ideal type was different. He says it has to be a person who has a cute bunny-like or frog-like face, only loves Gongchan, and needs to match well with him like bread and butter. But even then, what is a bunny-like face….and a frog-like face…. Anyways, it’s a really complicated taste. The songs he enjoys the most are ballads and Gongchan wants to be a singer who can digest various songs, no matter what genre it is.

“I want to hurry and try having our own concert. It’s the goal I want to achieve the most as B1A4. My largest goal is for people around the whole world to know about us. So we should do our best to that point, right? We’ll work hard to not disappoint and will show sides of ourselves that satisfy your anticipation!”
Article Credits: Article Site + Iceprinceafterschool@ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: Yeoljjung@FLIGHTB1A4.COM & Jiwon @ B1A4trans
[b]Reuploaded: Sica@FLIGHTB1A4.COM

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