Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

NS Yoon Ji explains the meaning behind her stage name

Soloist NS Yoon Ji, who recently marked her comeback with her latest single, “Talk Talk Talk“, finally unveiled the unique story behind how she came up with her stage name.
It all began when NS Yoon Ji was preparing for her official debut and was in search of a professional stage name, as she felt that her real name, Yoon Ji, was too common a name.
Through a family friend, NS Yoon Ji was able to meet with famous philosopher, Kim Yong Ok, who gave her the name, ‘Sehon’.
NS Yoon Ji explained, “Because the word ‘Hon’ (meaning spirit) can often give off a scary vibe these days, I decided to change it to its English meaning, ‘New Spirit’. After shortening the name, it became ‘NS’, which was then later changed to ‘New Star’ to make it easier.”
Because of her peculiar stage name, many netizens gave her a variety of nicknames as a way to tease the “NS” part of her name, such as ‘Naesoong‘ (“Coy”) Yoon Ji, ‘Nasa‘ (“Nail”) Yoon Ji, ‘Nong Soosan‘ (“Agriculture and fishery”) Yoon Ji, and ‘Nongshim’ Yoon Ji.
Addressing the various nicknames, NS Yoon Ji expressed that she doesn’t feel hurt by them; rather, she feels that they’re made with good humor, and so takes it in stride. “I’m happy that they’re showing some interest in me at least. Would they remember me easier if they made those nicknames? (Laughs)In my opinion, they’re fun to read and they match well.”
For her latest comeback, NS Yoon Ji decided to throw away her typical ’sexy’ concept for something that was cuter and more bubbly. The change caused her some concern at first , since she was always the type to wear casual clothes, like a simple, white-T & jeans.
“My facial expressions come out naturally when I carry out sexy concepts, but it was uncomfortable that I had to act out with aegyo on stage. My dance choreographer knows my personality too well, so he was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.”
Due to her lovable and charming on-stage aura, it’s easy to guess that her popularity has been increasing amongst many male idol stars. However, NS Yoon Ji laughed off these speculations and assured, “I’ve never been actually confessed to before.”

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