Jumat, 27 Mei 2011

Seungri Academy is real, gets an official me2day and Twitter!

Big Bang’s maknae is business-savvier than he looks!  The popular idol updated his me2day with the announcement that he’s created an official me2day and Twitter account for ‘Seungri Academy’.
The idol wrote, “May 5th is Children’s Day, all of you children, don’t get sick and become wonderful people^^!!!!! Fighting ㅡ Seungri children ㅡ (Seungri Academy me2day and twitter have been opened)^^ me2day (me2day.net/v-academy) Twitter (@v_academy) Please give them a lot of love“.
In case you’re still confused as to why fans thought this Seungri Academy didn’t exist, Seungri talked about the school when he gave Sandara Park variety lessons.
However, most fans thought he was just kidding around.
Apparently, however, the academy is real!  Seungri’s academy was featured on a recent broadcast of SBS’s “Midnight Entertainment”, where they revealed that Seungri opened a music and dance academy in his hometown of Gwangju. The idol invested the money he earned from his Big Bang promotions, saying “I wanted to invest his money that I earned to have an alternate source of income.”
The principal of the academy mentioned that Seungri already has plans to build a center in China as well.
Look out, Big Three – is Seungri on his way to becoming the next K-pop mogul?  

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