Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Seungri transforms into Elmo before a concert

A recent picture of Big Bang’s maknae has got fans gushing at his cuteness. What did Seungri do this time? He dressed up as everyone’s favorite red monster, Elmo!
On the 19th, Seungri posted on his me2day“BIGBANG LOVE & HOPE LAST SHOW Seungri, 2 hours before the show at sound check,” along with an adorable selca.
He later added concert footage along with a message that read, “BIGBANG LOVE & HOPE LIVE last encore stage is ‘Heaven.’ Thanks to our Japanese fans and also to our staff members. Thank you very much. I’ve learned a lot during my time here.”
In the picture, the maknae is seen wearing an Elmo with a red shirt to match.
Although this picture was taken moments before the concert, his expression is rather relaxed and oozing with self-confidence. In addition, the concert footage shows Seungri on stage with the other members jumping around for the last encore stage.
In response, netizens commented, “The character [hat] is cute but your mustache is growing”, “Your expression is anything but ordinary”, and “I want to follow Big Bang and go to Japan.”
Who do you readers think is cuter? Seungri or Elmo?

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