Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

T-ara’s Jiyeon sends a shoutout and pictures for IU’s birthday

T-ara’s Jiyeon sent IU a cheery message to congratulate her on her 19th birthday.
On May 16th, Jiyeon tweeted, “Happy birthday~ Happy birthday~ Beloved Jieun happy birthday!!“, and uploaded pictures she took with her close friend.
In the pictures, the girls can be seen with their cheeks puffed, followed by some unusual and funny expressions. The close friendship between the ‘93-liners’ made their respective fanbases smile, and encouraged many of Jiyeon’s personal fans to shoot IU happy birthday messages as well.
Netizens commented, “Happy birthday IU”, “The pictures are really funny”, and “It’s good to see you guys’ close friendship“.

NB: Neechan!!! Happy Birthday!!! adikmu nyasar di Indonesia niiih.. *pletak*

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