Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

U-KISS’s Soo Hyun takes a goofy selca with Jay Park before Mnet’s “M! Countdown”!

Earlier today, U-KISS’s Soo Hyun took a selca with Jay Park backstage at Mnet’s “M! Countdown“!
On May 19th, Soo Hyun tweeted,
kekekekekekeke The two of us are so excited kekeke ‘M! Countdown’ waiting room!!! I love you Park Jaebum!
In the photo, both Soo Hyun and Jay Park are making goofy expressions with their wide eyes and opened mouths. Looks like they were trying to relieve some stress before taking to the stage.
Fans commented, “Wow! Two of my favorite guys in one picture, I think I’m in heaven“, “Having a great time with Jay oppa? I love your smiles! You look so happy!“, and “Ah~~ So happy! Jay Park looks so happy! keke Soohyun~ Thank you! Brothers forever!

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