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Arashi releases track list for new album, “Beautiful World”!

Mega group Arashi is getting ready to top off this summer with the release of their newest album. Their 10th studio album, Beautiful World“, is set for a July 6th release, and is looking to be one of this summer’s most anticipated releases so far.
The group’s last studio album, “Boku no Miteiru Fukei“, became the best-selling album of 2010, raking in well over a million copies since its release at the top of last August.
Since the release of their last album, the massively famous five have churned out five more #1 singles, continuing their long streak that began in 2004. The album will contain all five of these singles – “To be free,” “Love Rainbow,” “Dear Snow,” “Hatenai Sora,” and “Lotus” – as well as brand new tracks, including solo songs.
Check out the track list below!
01. Rock this
Lyrics: 100+
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Dele Ladimeji/Paul Boddy
Arranger: Yoshioka Taku
02. Mada Minu Sekai e
Lyrics: Soluna
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: RPP/iiiSAK
Arranger: iiiSAK/Yoshioka Taku
03. Love Rainbow
Lyrics: furaha/Octobar
Composer: iiiSAK/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: ha-j
04. always
Lyrics: 100+
Composer: Dyce Taylor/Andreas Johansson
Arranger: youwhich
05. Shake it! (Vocal: Jun Matsumoto)
Lyrics: The Sendai Sepia
Arranger: Yoshioka Taku
06. Niji no Kakera ~no rain, no rainbow~
Lyrics: Osami/Octobar
Composer: Carl Utbult/Chris Meyer/Taisho
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo
07. Dear Snow
Lyrics: Iori/ISHU
Composer: Ooshima Kousuke
Arranger: Miyano Yukiko/Yoshioka Taku
08. Hung up on (Vocal: Satoshi Ohno)
Lyrics: Iori
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer/Arranger: Ooshima Kousuke
09. Joy
Lyrics: Ogawa Takashi/alt
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Composer: Duke Ashton/Sherrie Ashton
Arranger: Ishizuka Tomoo
10. Doko ni Demo Aru Uta. (Vocal: Kazunari Ninomiya)
Lyrics/Composer: Ninomiya Kazunari
Arranger: ha-j/Ninomiya Kazunari
11. negai
Lyrics: furaha
Composer: iiiSAK/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: Miyano Yukiko/iiiSAK
12. Lotus
Lyrics: Soluna
Composer: iiiSAK/HYDRANT
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki/iiiSAK
13. “Janakute” (Vocal: Masaki Aiba)
Lyrics: Iori/Soluna
Composer/Arranger: Ooshima Kousuke
14. morning light
Lyrics: UNITe/Soluna
Composer: Curly/Dr.Hardcastle
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki
15. To be free
Lyrics: Soluna
Composer: Samuel Waermo/Octobar
Arranger: Samuel Waermo/Yoshioka Taku
16. Kono Mama Motto (Vocal: Sho Sakurai)
Lyrics/Composer: 100+
Rap: Sakurai Sho
Arranger: Hisashi Nawata
17. Hatenai Sora
Lyrics/Composer: QQ
Arranger: ha-j
18. Tooku Made
Lyrics: Ogawa Takashi
Composer: Erik Lidbom/Dyce Taylor
Arranger: Hiroshi Sasaki
The first press of the album will come in special packaging with a 48 page booklet, while the regular edition will contain a 32 page booklet.

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