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B1A4 "1 with blood type B, 4 with blood type A? The true intentions of being No.1 National Idols!"

naaah, kali ini KumakoChan mau ngebahas B1A4 lagi..
kebetulan aku ini member flightb1a4, forum khusus fansnya B1A4.. yaaah, itung - itung nyari temen baru plus belajar bahasa inggris :DD *alaaaah, orang mo bikin status ma chatting aja pake google translate /pletak!
naaah, cekidot aja infonya..

B1A4 "1 with blood type B, 4 with blood type A? The true intentions of being No.1 National Idols!"
B1A4 “B형1명 A형4명? 속뜻은 N0.1 국민 아이돌!”

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Rookie idols B1A4 gained the nickname of 'manjjit'-dols since pre-debut, having looked like they tore up and came out of a manga. Showing off with their title track 'O.K' from their first mini-album 'Let's Fly', these brilliant and extraordinary people have outdone all the other boy groups who debuted in the first half of 2011.

"That's right, we have 1 of us with blood type B, and 4 with blood type A! The calm blood type B is rapper Baro."
Even though the team name B1A4 is seemingly simple, they have the ambitious goal of "Be the one, All for one". First off, they want to grow to be "the best public-idols". And secondly, they surprised us by wanting to evolve into a boy group complete with skills of song writing and composing, and of course singing.
Unlike their refined appearances, these musicians were gathered from 8 provinces all over the country. We have seen the chaotic debut of Jinyoung (leader), Baro (rapper), Sandeul (main vocal), Shinwoo (vocal), Gongchan (maknae, vocal).

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★ "4 members with blood type A? Even though they're not shy (?), they talk very honestly"

A prejudice towards B1A4: With 4 shy members of blood type A, what do they do with the team's atmosphere?
The 4 members of blood type A said with raised voices, "We're definitely not shy!", "It's a prejudice based on blood types!". But Baro with blood type B revealed while laughing, "Honestly, once a week, we have a time for honest talk."
"Somehow, we felt that it was needed(?), so it was created. In any case there are more blood type As, so there is probably a lot kept in the heart. That explains the need for a time to talk." (Sandeul)
"We've been living in a dormitory since pre-debut. Even if practice ended late, we would take time out and gather at least once a week to confess our stories. As we point out (mistakes) and praise each other, it provided us with opportunities to progress." (Shinwoo)

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★ Global-dols, no! "We are provincial-dols from the 8 provinces! OK?"

Other than blood types, they have another common point. Unlike their stunning visuals, the fact that they are all from the countryside makes them the "first provincial-dols amongst idols". Other than Seoul, they come from a wide variety of provinces - Jeonlado, Chungjungdo, Kyungsando.
"Five of us have been gathered, but our ways of speaking, accents and word expressions are all different! It's amazing and interesting, and as we mimick each other, it has become a mess now. (Laugh)." (Sandeul)
"I'm very touched that we could have a fanmeeting in my hometown. My family and close friends all came and congratulated me. The cheering of the fans in my hometown are also strong! There are also fans who take the KTX and come from Seoul for our fanmeeting!" (Baro)
In fact, it is unusual for the fansigns of a rookie group 2 weeks into their debut to be fully sold out in both Seoul and the provinces.
"There are fans who come dressed in hospital robes, pyjamas and hanboks. Even though it does not feel like I've debuted for a month, I am very thankful that I've made so many cool memories that I'll remember, with heartfelt gratitude." (Jinyoung)

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★“Be the 1, All 4 one!!” B1A4, flying towards being nation-dols!

Main vocal of B1A4, Sandeul shines with his '2010 Korea Youth Song Festival' daesang award and '2010 11th Student Festival' gold award. Other than leading B1A4 with his visuals, he has also surely carried the name of "live-dols", when compared to other idols.
Sandeul is gifted with an explosive voice. Shinwoo has excellent groove and rythmn, while Jinyoung has the ability to write and compose, with superior expression of emotions. Gongchan has a clear voice color and clean falsettos, and lastly, rapper Baro has his voice as an instrument.
With the harmony produced by the 5 members on debut song 'O.K', they show off the way to play(?) on stage with their unrestrictive cheoreography. These have gained them praises that they "are unlike rookies", and are "the idols most anticipated in growth in 2011".
With the support of their skills, their ultimate goal is clear. Like in the team's name, "to be the best in all that you want to do".

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"In every stage, I want to show everyone the process of our gradual development with our best efforts. In other activites, I want to approach (the fans) with familiarity as though they are my friends back in my hometown." (Jinyoung, Shinwoo)
"I like the appraisal of 'live-dol'. It increases my greed for performances. I want to rid of the prejudice of being an idol, and have a concert where we can get close and breathe with the audience, and be B1A4 with proven skills." (Sandeul, Baro)
Maknae Gongchan got to the point. "I want to win the rookie award."
Like with the name of their first album 'Let's Fly', the wings of the 5 young boys have already started to flap forcefully.

Source: Seoul News NTN
Translation Credits: skipfire @
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