Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

B2ST sings for “You” on M! Countdown goodbye stage

Having already won a triple crown for “Fiction“, the B2ST boys performed a special goodbye stage for their fans on today’s Mnet M! Countdown.
Though it has only been a month, the boys are wrapping up promotions on a high, having won triple crowns on M! Countdown and Music Bank, and being a two-time Mutizen winner on Inkigayo.
In gratitude, B2ST will present their fans with a performance of their cute and lively song, “You”.
The production crew for M! Countdown stated, “B2ST, who showed their sorrowful and charismatic performance with their song ‘Fiction’, will be showing their sweet and lovely side through this performance. Please look forward to it!”
Check it out below!
They also performed “Fiction“.
Bonus picture for fans. Guess who is giving Hong Ki a back hug?

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