Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

B2ST’s Kikwang celebrates his 800th day since debut

B2ST’s Kikwang is celebrating his 800th day as a singer today!
As many of you know, Kikwang first debuted under the name of ‘AJ’ back in 2009 prior to signing on with B2ST. In celebration of his long career, Kikwang posted the following message on his Twitter: “It’s my 800th day since my debut today^^… It feels different. Thank you so much to everyone who’s always by my side, and who’s always supporting B2ST ^^ Today’s such a happy day, I’m happy!^^~~”
Doojoon tweeted in response, “Congratulations Lee Kikwang. It feels like just yesterday that I was dancing behind you, and now you’re already on your 800th day. So proud of my son.”
Dongwoon tweeted, “Hyung doing well now is a prize for the past 800 days and five years that you’ve spent. Let’s run straight ahead now!!”
The boys also took home a triple crown win on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” last night, and didn’t forget to thank their fans through their Twitters by writing, “Thank you. We promise to become singers who are deserving of winning first place for three weeks in a row.”

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