Kamis, 02 Juni 2011

Fetish x Music(Nakajima Yuto & Chinen Yuri)

Theme: “What is your fetish?” from Takaki Yuya.

Yuto: (Ignoring the conversation and practicing drumming)
Yuri: Can we start now? (laugh)
Yuto: Yeah! Yeah! Anytime!
Yuri: The question from Yuya is “What is your fetish?”
Yuto: That’s such a Takaki-like question (laugh)
Yuri: If we’re talking about “Fetchy”, I think a girl with a short cut skirt is cute
Yuto: Really? I like girls with a long cut. Why do you like short cut?
Yuri: Even though wearing a long cut is more woman-like, to contrast with that, if she wears a skirt with the opposite meaning, I think that’s a good point.
Yuto: Ohh, I get it! How short can the girls skirt be?
Yuri: I want her to keep some feminism. So if it’s too boyish then I don’t like it..
Yuto: I understand~. For long skirts, I like it when it’s kind of rolled up and crinkled a bit.
Yuri: What??
Yuto: Like when the wind blows, her skirt kinda goes “fluff~”. Unlike the ones on TV where they go kinda smooth.
Yuri: …I kinda get it (laugh).
Yuto: I also like it when girls hook their hair behind their ears or when they’re wearing a hat but the wind is strong so they hold it down with their hand.
Yuri: I understand. For some reason, when you see the back of her neck, it looks really sexy (laugh).
Yuto: I know! If she hooks her hair behind her ears, my heart beats faster.

Theme 2: “Your favourite music” from Morimoto Ryutaro

Yuto: Chinen’s favourite is anime songs right?
Yuri: Yea, probably. But I like Arashi’s songs the best.
Yuto:  Ahh~ Of course…Me…
Yuri: You’re simple. You listen to Rock right?
Yuto: I probably do listen to rock the most.
Yuri: I like rock too. I don’t really have a favourite genre. I just listen to any song that sounds good.
Yuto: That’s right. Sometimes you force the other members to listen too. I’ve started to memorize your favourite songs…By the way, I know Ryutaro asked this question but I don’t even know HIS favourite genre.
Yuri: Ryutaro likes the 80s.
Yuto: oh right.
Yuri: Yama-chan really likes KPOP. There’s a lot of genres~ Its so interesting.

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