Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

F.T. Island reveals their music video for “Let It Go”!

F.T. Island just wrapped up their “Hello Hello” promotions in Korea and have now released their music video for their upcoming Japanese single, “Let It Go“.
In the music video, F.T. Island are found wearing all-black as they are rocking out in an all-white building. Simple color panels were used to bring color into the room, livening up the setting to fit the upbeat mood of the song.
This “Let It Go” single will mark F.T. Island’s first fully self-written and self-composed single. The single will include three tracks: “Let It Go” (written by Lee Hongki and Choi Minhwan, composed by Choi Jonghoon), “Dream Sky” (written by Song Seunghyun, composed by Song Seunghyun and Choi Minhwan), and “Someday” (written and composed by Lee Jaejin).
Check out the music video below!

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