Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

f(x) prepares to release teaser video for ‘Hot Summer'

Girl group f(x) has excited fans with news of an upcoming teaser video!
f(x) will be revealing the teaser video for their follow-up track “Hot Summer” through both their official homepage and SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel on June 13th.
“Hot Summer” is described to be a dance pop track with an intense synthesized sound and beat. It tells the story of girls who find romance in the days of summer.
f(x) will drop their repackaged album through both online and offline stores on June 14th. It will include the original 10 tracks from their first album, as well as four new songs: “Hot Summer”, “Can I Like You” from the ‘Paradise Ranch‘ OST, ‘La Cha Ta‘, and ‘Chu~♡’.

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