Jumat, 10 Juni 2011

INFINITE celebrates their first anniversary with a live radio program for their fans!

Today, INFINITE is celebrating their one year anniversary!
The boys celebrated the event with a one hour-long radio program on their official homepage, which was broadcast live from their dorm. Shedding their charismatic images, the members touched the hearts of their fans by showing an honest side to themselves.
Some of the topics the boys covered included behind the scenes stories about their debut, hidden secrets, and even fun games where they were asked to choose a member that became the most handsome, and the one that makes the most live broadcast mistakes.
INFINITE finished the heart warming show by performing their recent hit, “Nothing’s Over“, but with a twist in the lyrics. The boys sang, “You can’t cheat on us~”, and asked fans to remain with them through thick and thin.
Fans commented back, “Thank you for doing this radio for us”, “You guys were all so friendly, please do it again!”, “10 years, 20 years, we’ll be with you forever”, and “We won’t cheat on you, we’ll be waiting for you patiently.”
The boys will be holding their Japanese debut this July and will be beginning their promotions in South East Asia soon after.
Through a new video, the boys also announced that they would be opening their official fanclub, INSPIRITS, in celebration of their first anniversary.

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