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[INTERVIEW] [11.06.17] Inkigayo Magazine June Edition Interview

Inkigayo Magazine June Edition Interview

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"Although we get nervous each time we step on stage, we shout 'Let's Fly! B1A4!' together loudly and go onto stage with the mindset of doing it in a 'fun and exciting' manner. That way, we can release all the energy within us."

Power vocal Sandeul (Lee Jung Hwan) who moves listeners' hearts with sweet melodies, like a cool, gentle breeze. After winning the grand prize at the 2010 <Korea Youth Song Festival>, Sandeul started on his journey as a singer and he mentioned that he is still looking for what he is good at. "When I was young, the proverb 'tigers leave only their skins when they die, but through his achievements a man´s name lives on' made a huge impact on me. While worrying about what I can do to make my name live on, I decided that singing, which I like a lot, would be the best." After that, he was fixed on the direction he was headed in, and the driving force that kept him going without giving up on his dreams were his family and friends. "I think it was the thought of wanting to show how much strength my parents and elder sister gave me that made me clench my teeth and work hard. At a time when I was filled with passion and will, I sang on SBS <Star King> with my friends from Busan. (laughs) We appeared under the team name 'Let's Go to College by Singing' and I was wearing glasses then so you may not be able to recognise me." The Busan guy with a cute accent has set foot on the stage after dreaming of being a singer for a long time. Sandeul, who was the last to be added to the team, has passion that would chew up the mic and he moved listeners' minds into place by proving his ability to sing live.

On Air? On Air! At my first radio appearance, putting on headphones and preparing for a live performance as the red 'On Air' sign lit up, we remember singing the song while at a loss. Thoughts of 'Is this real?', 'We are really newbies...' ran through our mind.

Characteristic and charismatic tones More than receiving praises on my singing, whenever I hear that my singing tone is characteristic and good, I feel happier. Actually, I want to be able to find and create a tone that is only mine but it's not easy. I will work harder without letting pride get to me to create a 'Sandeul Tone'.

Group webtoon that doesn't forget their original intentions After the webtoon was released, we received a lot of attention and so we worried a lot about 'what should we do to show a better image'. With our fans' interest and love, we will approach them plainly with a more natural, honest image.

"I usually sing with a gentle style, but during the recording of our title song 'O.K', I remember our producer requesting me try singing it stronger, so I did. I was amazed at how the song changed with the way I sang it. I only sang gentle, soft songs but it was interesting and fun to sing in such a strong manner too."

Providing musical inspiration Our leader Jinyoung hyung writes songs and lyrics while Baro is in charge of rap making so I provided ideas and advice by their side. CNU hyung and Gong Chan also provided ideas for all the songs and that's how we produced an album with all the members taking part.

You're The Only One The song 'Only One' in our album is my favourite. The lyrics and melody are full of hope. When I was recording, I wanted to keep singing these kind of songs. I usually listen to sad songs too; even when I'm happy I listen to sad songs and when I'm sad, I listen to sadder songs. That's how I usually am but now, whether I am happy or sad, I listen to exciting songs. After singing 'O.K' continuously, it seems like my taste in songs has changed too. (laughs)

No matter what you do, I'm OK! I have mainly only had crushes. Even if the person is far away, I only look at that person and I want to give her everything. I always think 'no matter what you do, I'm OK'. Since I sang the song with this, I think the feeling of the song turned out well.

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"I want to be an all-rounded entertainer. I want to be able to say 'I am the multiplayer CNU who can since, rap and dance' when I introduce myself in future. Since I am lacking in many areas now, I will work hard, hoping that the day I can introduce myself this way is not far away.
His eyes, that resemble crescent moons when he smiles, that shine bright beaneath those round glasses, are the charm of B1A4's oldest hyung, CNU (Shin Dong Woo). The name 'CNU', meaning 'a dependable and sweet-natured friend', came about after consulting his fellow members. His surreal smile, together with his well-proportioned body matches his webtoon character. "The webtoon's characters describes each of us very well. For me, my smiling image is characteristic of me and I like to do sports so the character turned out like this. I like basketball and scocer but what's funny is that I'm not good at ball games. (laughs)" CNU, who enjoys sports, dancing and singing, naturally assumed that he was going to be a singer from young under the influence of his mother who loved music. "I think I had a lot of immature thoughts and actions with the impression that I was going to be a singer anyway. Now that I have grown up to be a singer, I think that I am lacking in many areas and that there are a lot of things that I have to learn." CNU, with an innocent passion, is considerate, warmhearted and delicate - he is simply the 21st century nice guy.

The free choreography is the main point The main point of our choreography is how we look like we're having fun. In particular, there are parts where the choreography is free and up to us to come up with our own dance which sometimes changes according to our mood on that day. Since I'm the oldest and have had experience performing in a band when I was in school, I was worried for my younger members. But why did I even worry since they seem to be better than me? (laughs)

Only learned bad things I remember this song the most as it was the first song we recorded. It's a genre that I like and was written by a senior I really respect so it's a great honour to be able to sing this song.

Neighbourhood-friend like familiarity Our strong point is that we seem like friends you see often in the neighbourhood. Our personalities are actually all friendly and comfortable.We are working hard to approach our fans bit by bit with a familiar charm that belongs to only us.

Missing my hometown, Cheongju When I was at home, I was an unfriendly kid who didn't show my emotions but after living in the dormitory and being separated from my family, I really miss them. Because my family and friends from my hometown are always cheering for me, I will work harder.

"My dream of becoming a singer never once faltered. When I was young, I liked to dance and sing. I listened to Usher's songs a lot while dreaming of what I want to be. I wanted to become a singer that could have fun with the audience through lively expressions."

Ok girl only for you yes man I think of 'O.K' as a message for our fans. I sing on stage while looking at our fans' eyes. "I'll do anything. For you, no matter what it is, I'm OK!" Has my heart reached our fans? Each one of you are precious to me. I will work harder so please continue to support me. I really love you!

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I am inspired by the raps of Tiger JK, the pride of Korean Hip-Hop, as well as hip-hop legends Lil Wayne and Tyga. I watch their videos everyday to learn from their splendid performances and techniques. However, our concept is very different from hip-hop so I haven't been able to show the hip-hop style that I really like. If we do go into that concept, I will show you. I promise~!"
With a mischevious appearance but a tough voice, he is known as the 'rapper of opposites'. He is Baro (Cha Sun Woo), who the members picked as the mood-maker of the group. Who would have thought that he had these charms hidden behind that pure, unrefined gaze? Being the only B-type in the group, Baro who cannot leave without his caps is a boy with an unsual colour and auro that belongs to only him. "My parents always give me the strength to do music. My father played the guitar in an indie band when he was my age and my mother also had dreams of becoming a celebrity. They have given me great support to achieve their dreams. I got casted by chance through song and rap videos that I uploaded on to the Internet. I got to know which colour and style of rap matches my voice well after receiving lessons for two and a half years. I am currently in the process of looking for a colour that I can call my own and in future, I will produce raps that are of Baro's colour for everyone." The story of charismatic skilled rapper Baro, who lives and dies on rap, begins now.

"Ever since I was young, I always wore caps. It was like part of my flesh and if I don't wear a cap, I will feel uncomfortable all day. You could say that caps are an artificial body part for me. When I don't wear caps, I lose my confidence... To the stage where I cannot even look at others in their eyes. In future, I will show a variety of different caps on stage so please watch out for me. (laughs)"

From head to toe, I love you It's been almost 3 years since I have been in a relationship. I wrote and recorded O.K while wondering 'how much would my heart flutter if I had a girlfriend?'

B-type man I'm usually a cool person but since I am around A-type people, I think I am slowly becoming more careful. Every Saturday, we gather to have a talk as a group and I was amazed that the other A-type members remember everything that has happened and talked about it. Even things that I didn't know about. (laughs) With my character, I would release everything on the spot but for the other members, they keep everything in mind and release everything at a go on Saturdays.

Charm that is a 180° change from his usual image on stage I usually give off the feel of your neighbourhood older brother but on stage, I want to have a charismatic and professional image. I want to hear that I am totally different when I am on stage. I will be B1A4's Baro on stage and off-stage, I will show you the true image of the ordinary Cha Sun Woo.

Reactions and comments I don't usually read them. I am afraid that I would think too much about bad comments so I usually don't care about them but recently, I read some good comments and I really liked it. Since I heard such nice words, I always research, practice and work hard to show a variety of expressions on stage. (laughs)

B1A4 Before we decided on our team name, we considered names like 'Ace', 'Legend' and 'Sound'. After some time, we felt that B1A4 fit us the best and so we decided to go with it. Even if I think about it again, it seems like B1A4 is the best for us.

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"Everytime I am on stage, I pledge to 'work harder to show a more developed image!'. During our debut stage, I got nervous thinking 'we are finally going on stage' but even now, I don't forgot that feeling of nervousness during our debut and perform like it's our first, to show a better performance. Please anticipate our performances."

Due to his chic and quiet first impression, maknae Gongchan (Gong Chan Shik) is known as the 'chic terminator'. With a strong gaze and smile at the corner of his mouth, his appearance gives off a perculiar charm. A 180° change from his expressionless appearance; the lovely eye-smile when he smiles give off a cute maknae image. With his vocal skills and solid acting skills, this combination will turn anyone into a 'Gongchan-flower'! [*Like a sunflower looks at the sun, a 'Gongchan-flower' (gongchan baragi) only looks at Gongchan) "I am a very shy person so during our trainee days, I couldn't get close to the hyungs and I couldn't talk well either. So my hyungs looked at me and wondered 'why is this guy so chic?'. (laughs) I am usually lively and noisy but in the photos, I was especially expressionless and only showed a cold side of me. This has led to misunderstands that I am chic but if you look at me in real life, I'm the opposite." Since he spent most of his school life as a trainee, Gongchan says that getting up in the morning to go to school is the most difficult. After making his debut as a singer, every second feels like a happy dream.

"I am proud of the song Bling Girl, which Jinyoung hyung composed and the members helped out in writing the lyrics. I like that the album shows our skills. Recently, I have been engrossed in composing songs and if I am given the chance, I want to study music more."

Blood-dols (Blood type) B1A4, made up of 1 B-type and 4 A-types, out of all the nicknames we've got, this one that comes from our group name using our blood types is the most fun and gives off a feeling of familiarity which is even better.

Only One In our album, this songs has the most feelings embedded in it. Out of all the songs I have sang, I think it's the one I am most satisfied with. (laughs) I had thoughts of 'ah, so I sang like that...'.

At first glance, there was a connection between you and I Our title song O.K expresses the heart of a boy deep in love. For me, I sang the song while thinking of a friend that I really liked when I was in school. Right before going on stage, I listen to other singers' songs and when I get into the mood, I go on stage with that. I think that is what helps me put on a naturally cheerful and exciting performance.

Love me love me baby When I'm alone, I tend to do weird pranks and play on my own. I use my hands to shoot my hyungs (I do it so often that they always ignore me), I throw tantrums like a toddler so my hyungs call me a baby. I'm usually of the cute style. (laughs)

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"My target since I was a trainee is to become a singer that doesn't change even as time goes by and doesn't forget the initial goal. If I feel myself changing, I will control it and catch my heart again. I want to be with my members forever like the way we were in the bginning. With that promise, I will work hard all the time, today and tomorrow."

Jinyoung (Jung Jinyoung) looks like a pretty boy from a romance comic, with a contrasting strong and manly personality. Within just 5 minutes of conversing, Jinyoung has a friendly charm that would capture the other party's heart immediately. "Initially, I was captured by the charms of both acting and singing so my trainee days went by easily. Since I was doing something I liked. I lived thinking that I wanted to do something special since I get to live life only once. (laughs) The most difficult part was when we were nearing our debut, I looked really skinny in the photos that were taken so I embarked on a project alone to gain weight. I received alot of stress since I don't usually gain weight even though I eat alot."

Before debut, his picture was voted for by netizens, bringing him to come in 1st for a pretty boy competition held on a cable TV programme. Jinyoung's pretty boy looks have been recognised long ago! Jinyoung, who is lively when doing things he enjoys, can even compose and write songs, attaining him the name of a music talent." I thought it would be good if we had a self-composed song in the album so I started to self-study music composition. Using a program in my notebook, the members recording our parts. We started off simply but eventually the company recognised our efforts and people around us praised us a lot so we felt encouraged and worked harder. Even now, we are studying as we work. I hope we can put better songs onto our next album."

Happiness that cannot be put in words I was suprised to hear that the tickets for our first fansign after our debut was sold out within 10 minutes. Since we're still rookies, I remember being bewildered at our first fansign and I couldn't express my happiness with words and just kept smiling. We won't be staying in just Seoul but will be heading out to the countryside, so we'll meet soon!

Saturday We have never fought amongst ourselves before. Every Saturday, we will gather and talk. We say everything we have kept inside and it helps us feel better after. After that, we play games together. More than computer games, we usually play games like the mafia game, bingo game, cross out 2 lines and speed game. Our company's director, team leader and manager hyungs join us for the mafia game too and because it is so cramped, we play till our hands start sweating. (laughs)

"When I am singing, I act like 'OK~ Girl you are really my girl' to get into the feel. When trying to act out the lyrics of the song, it feel liks following a script. Of course, I also had such experiences. When I had a girlfriend I really loved, I thought a lot of how 'everything's fine as long as I have you'. Although I was poor at expressing myself, in my heart I really felt that 'everything you want, I'm OK~'."

'Having fun' on stage Have fun even if we're nervous! During the first time, we didn't even know where the camera was and we even forgot our lyrics and made a lot of mistakes. But recently, we have gotten used to it and because many fans turn up, we are very happy and enjoy ourselves even more. We will enjoy ourselves more such that you can feel that 'they are really enjoying themselves on stage!'.

Bling Girl I wrote the song, Bling Girl, while thinking of the time I had a crush on someeone. 'It was like that. I felt like that' - feelings like that. I wanted to write about the pure love of a teenager. Bling Girl was written when I was sick as a trainee and was resting in my room alone with my notebook. The members really liked it so we made many changes to it and included it in this album.

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B1A4 Sandeul My mind is only filled with 'singing' now so I think it will be a month filled with practicing my singing. Recently, I keep having thoughts on 'how can I perform better on stage?'. I will continue to work hard to produce a stage that would amaze people.

B1A4 Jinyoung There are still many lacking parts so I have been studying how I can have better gestures and expressions. My aim is to be able to show a more improved image each time I go on stage. I want to gain more weight and work on my figure too. I will also work hard on studying composing and become a well-rounded leader of B1A4. Woah~ If I want to do all this, it looks like I will have to work really hard?

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B1A4, whatever you want, I'm O.K~!
CNU, Sandeul, Baro, Jinyoung, Gongchan
Why did such cute friends only appear now?
(♪ I was searching everywhere for you)
Perfect performances unlike rookies, boys who are always smiling when you meet their eyes.
(♪ From head to toe, I love you)
Contradicting idols who are very shy but will never say they are shy. All coming from the countryside, sometimes we want to hear their cute dialects!
(♪ Shy girl OK)
Looks, style, music. B1A4 who has all 3 is already drawing their future. They will remember the words, 'to not forget our first goals and work hard'. They may trip over big and small stones but we hope they will continue to look only at the front and continue shouting OK~! while walking front. B1A4 fighting ^^~
(♪ OK Man only for you yes girl)

- Editor Park Sang Hee

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'Paper-dol, Manjjit-dol (idol group that tore up (jjit) and came out of the comic (manhwa)), Blood-dol' etc. B1A4, who has been receiving much love from their fans before debut, first made their appearance through a webtoon on the 21st of April, 2011 with characters that match their real-life personalities 100%. These boys who gave off a neat, refreshing scent had 'something special' to them. 'I've been searching everywhere for you~ You came out from where you've been hiding~ I can't get my head straight, you amazing person ♪' Look at these youths with good looks and dancing skills that put them above the B1A4's fancy flight with their affirmitive strength is not ordinary and is worth anticipating! Since they will rise above your expectations.

A pungent scent that wafts through the air, an afternoon overflowing with clear, green energy, warmer and more dazzling than a spring day - these describe the pretty boys from B1A4. Unknowingly, dialects that carry their own colour can be heard from the boys, which differ from their polished looks. A sign of the latest 'Countryside Idols'! Jinyoung is from Chungbuk Chungju, CNU is from Chungbuk Cheongju, Sandeul is from Gyeongnam Busan, Baro from Jeollam Gwangju and Gongchan is from Jeollam Suncheon - these beautiful youth filled with passion are from various countrysides. They received a lot of attention as they were revealed to the public not through photos, but through comic characters conveyed through a webtoon. The unusual promotion drew attention to them by arousing curiosity in many fans.With much anticipation, when the photos of the members were released, the reactions were great. Why? Because the characters in the comic came to life. After their perfect performance on stage they did not resemble rookies, B1A4 was the first on a worldwide trend, making them one of the most anticipated boybands for 2011. B1A4, derived from having 1 member of blood type B (Baro) and 4 of blood type A, as well as the meaning 'Be The One, All For One' said, "We will do our best to reach our dreams. With amazing live skills that rendered comments like 'I can't tell if it's the CD or a live performance' and 'amazing live', these boys are not just idols but are a clever group that knows how to enter the music industry quickly. B1A4, who has made their debut for slightly over a month, has hit the homerun. So, we just need to fly now. Let's Fly~

2011.04.21 <Let's Fly (EP)>
Including the title track of their first mini-album, 'O.K', there are 4 other songs (Remember, Only Learned the Bad Things, Bling Girl, Only One) which show off a variety of colours. Member Jinyoung personally took part in the song composition and Baro was in charge of rap making for all songs, expressing their musicality. The main producer was hit composer Lee Sang Ho's Jeondu Ji Hee, Beast's main producer composer Im Sang Hyung, composer of K.Will's song, Jeon Da Woon. Rookie songwriters include Seo Yong Bae, Park Kang Il and Jinyoung, and Wheesung also took part in the album production. Also, the choreography was done by Europe's award-winnign performance team, Prepix.

Article Credits: Inkigayo Magazine + Iceprinceafterschool @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: chrestos @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM

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