Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

miss A’s Suzy uploads a series of sel-cas from Jakarta

miss A’s Suzy proved that she can show off her beauty even in comical sel-cas.
On June 29th, Suzy uploaded pictures she took with her fellow members through her Twitter, tweeting,“At Jakarta.”
In the revealed pictures, Suzy is displaying various poses with her members while giving off cute expressions. In particular, fans were drawn to the fact that Suzy’s beauty still managed to shine even while making funny facial expressions.  Members Fei and Min also added to the fun with their own poses.
Netizens commented, “Suzy was able to show off her beauty even in Jakarta. Even your comic sel-ca is pretty”“I think Suzy is the prettiest in her sel-cas”, and “You have now returned to your old beauty.”

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