Minggu, 12 Juni 2011

Rookie boy band ‘M. PEROR’ wants to emulate Shinhwa

From vocal talent to dance, and even production skills, this upcoming rookie group from FM Entertainment, ‘M. PEROR‘, seems to have it all. The six members were chosen through a rigorous survival program and each boast long years of training.
In their first interview with Newsen, the boys emphasized that they had a strong, family-like bond with each other thanks to the years they’ve lived together during the survival training.
The M. PEROR members are comprised of Chanran (modern dance major with experience in musicals), Eunchan (pretty boy), Jaeil (actor), Kangon (‘explosive vocals’, leader), Tae-oh (dance machine), and d.Kash (gifted producer).
Leader Kangon began by explaining that they didn’t want to achieve fast fame but would rather take their time on climbing up one step at a time. ”We respect the original idols, Shinhwa seniors, a lot. Not only only does their music and performance style impress us, but their ability to stay together as six members for such a long time. We really want to emulate them.”
M. PEROR will be debuting through OBS on June 17th and will be opening showcases nationwide. To prepare for their upcoming debut, the boys revealed that they have been barely getting any sleep and on some nights have slept less than two hours.

woaaa, chingu... Boyband Korea makin banyak aja neeh pusziiing @.@

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