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SECRET shares their fashion and dieting tips

SECRET’s “Starlight Moonlight” concept is most definitely a sweet, feminine one that calls for a skinnier figure than most concepts. Naturally, and like other girl groups, the ladies are undergoing strict dieting, with the only exception being Sunday, where they’re allowed to eat whatever they wish.
They revealed, “On Sunday afternoon, we conclude a week’s worth of music programs after SBS’s ‘Inkigayo.’ After dieting all week long, we’re allowed to eat whatever we want for dinner on Sunday night, and then we starve again. Our manager makes sure that there are sandwiches before we get on the ‘Inkigayo’ stage. The minute we get off stage, we have a sandwich in our mouths.”
So how did they achieve their healthy, slim figures? Check it out below!
 Song Ji Eun (21, 160 cm, 45 kg)
The secret to Song Ji Eun’s exercise is that she repeats the choreography for “Magic” and “Madonna” 20 times each. The studio is only five minutes from their dorm in Hannam-dong so she dances and then concludes with a video on “Lee Sora’s Dieting Tips.”
“Before, we used to fast, but that brought about a vertigo effect. In the end, we realized that exercising was the best.”
The members chose her lips as her charm point since it has the perfect reddish tint that helps her look lively even without make up. When asked to choose a feature on her face that they liked the most, they chose her nose. “My nose bridge isn’t high, but it fits her face perfectly. It’s all natural but people still think she got it done. It must be because my mom molded it by touching it a lot when I was little.”
As for what she wears and carries around, she revealed that she doesn’t care about brand names and prefers casual brands like H&M. Her biggest worry lately is her damaged hair because of the drastic style changes she’s undergone with each comeback. ”They’re damaged all the way to the roots so I have to use extensions these days. I’m really jealous of people with shiny hair.”
▶ Han Sunhwa (21, 165 cm, 46 kg)
Sunhwa is known for her clear, beautiful skin, which the members chose as her #1 charm point.  “Make up for TV shows is too thick so I usually don’t wear make up outside of work in order to let my skin rest. I don’t manage my skin in any particular way but I do make sure to moisturize it often.”
Right before their “Starlight Moonlight” comeback, Sunhwa became an exercise fanatic. 
When we’re promoting our album, there’s a lot of wait times so we’re sitting in our cars a lot. I felt like I was gaining weight around my hips so I started to climb mountains. I climbed whenever I wanted to about four times a week.”
For breakfast, she’ll have a banana, milk, and bean dduk, and for lunch, egg whites and chicken salad. For dunner, she’ll have a simple salad. Her complex is her large forehead. “Other girls like Goo Harahave a lot of baby hairs on their forehead so it’s cute, but I have to shadow it in.”
▶ Zinger (21, 161 cm, 48 kg)
Zinger underwent the strictest dieting before their comeback. She lost 6 kg in a week by drinking just water for a week because her larger hips and legs were her biggest concerns.
“On stage, I saw one of the audience members tell me to screw off stage. I was really hurt by that so I was determined to lose weight. After starving and going through strict rehearsals, I began to get dizzy. I looked in the mirror after about a week and noticed that I had dark circles all the way up to my chin so I began eating again then.”
Zinger, like the rapper she is, enjoys hip hop fashion and also likes collecting hats. She has over 30 New Era hats, and because her company doesn’t allow the girls to go out without permission, she (as well as the others) buys everything online.
“Without missing a day, we always get something shipped to us. On off days, we open all of the boxes.”
 Jun Hyosung (22, 160 cm, 45 kg)
Hyosung’s cute, baby-like looks has ranked her as one of the most youthful looking idols. Still, Sunhwa chose Hyosung’s “enviable butt line” as her charm point. “I’m really jealous of unni’s hip line. When I look at her come out of the shower, she really has a curvy waist and voluminous butt. She’s a true S-line.”
Because she likes beans, she diets with soybean milk and tofu and considers dance rehearsals as the best form of exercise.
Her complex? Her big, ugly feet. She wears 240 mm and isn’t able to wear strap sandals or heels with complex designs.
Hyosung’s also known for having once been the member of ‘Five Girls‘. The final member, Yang Jiwon, is currently preparing for debut under Lee Hyori’s agency. “I didn’t think we’d all be debuting separately and promoting away from each other like now. When the group first disbanded, everything looked so dark and bleak to me… I hope we can do a special ‘Five Girls’ stage at a year-end ceremony some day.”

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