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Style Highlight: 2NE1, Korea’s fashion icons

Welcome to our first edition of “Style Highlight“, a new feature on allkpop that takes a comprehensive look at the styles of popular Korean celebrities.
Since debuting in 2009, 2NE1 has been known to be the most fashion-forward out of the numerous girl groups that have entered the music scene over the past few years.
The girls developed a reputation for taking bold risks in just about every fashion aspect: from Sandara’s palm tree hairstyle to CL’s hanger dress, we chronicle some key moments of 2NE1’s style.
Their debut song “Fire” caught everyone’s attention, with no shortage of thanks going to 2NE1’s off-the-wall styles, which consisted of bright colors, wacky patterns, eye-catching accessories, and Sandara’s palm tree hairstyle. I also can’t help but draw my eyes to Bom’s hot pink leggings and CL’s ‘tail’!
It’s no coincidence that the girls were noticed immediately for their fresh, vibrant style – after all, they were helped by fellow label mate and ‘fashion king’, G-Dragon.
Through their next song, “I Don’t Care”, we can see the girls begin a style transition. They start to show us more feminine silhouettes, but they don’t forget to add colors and patterns from their “Fire” phase.
Look at the variety of patterns in just their bottoms choices alone!
Returning to the music scene with a triple song comeback, 2NE1 showed us a sexier and more mature style.
Decked out in black, each member has a distinct style that still creates a cohesive palette. The new hairstyles are also very flattering for each member. We can also see youngest Minzy looking more mature than ever.
2NE1 also later made headlines for their close relationship with designer Jeremy Scott.
They attended the ‘2010 Style Icon Awards’ with the designer himself, and each member wore a piece from his Fall 2010 collection. The most eye-catching piece of the night was CL’s hanger dress.
Can you imagine having to hold a hanger attached to your dress the entire night? That right there is enough to prove anybody’s dedication to the fashion world.
This dress in Bom’s “Don’t Cry” music video created headlines when fans found out it was Alexander McQueen’s final creation. It’s apparently worth $20,000 USD, but has potential for higher value.
What I love about 2NE1 is that their separate styles are just as amazing as their group looks. This dress fits right in with Bom’s usual style, showing off her long legs.
Most recently, 2NE1 came back with “Lonely”, and once again, 2NE1 shows us a look that’s both edgy and mature, with each member looking sleek and sexy.
Personally, I love that 2NE1 shows us that they can be feminine but powerful at the same time. They have a way of using their clothes to exude a certain sexiness, but at the same time, leave enough to the imagination that they don’t compromise their strength as women.
Comparing “Lonely” to “Fire”, there’s a clear evolution in 2NE1’s style journey, and dedicated Blackjacks and fashion fans alike can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

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