Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

LEDApple’s Kyumin has micro legs

LEDApple’s Kyumin is gathering attention for his ultra-skinny, jealousy-inducing legs!
On July 7th, LEDApple’s Jaehoon tweeted, “Kyumin-ee, who’s whining about his long hair. His legs are thinner than a woman’s. It’s on the brink of extinction. Let’s gain some weight“, and uploaded a candid shot of fellow member, Kyumin.
In the picture, Kyumin is shown baring his long, lean legs. Netizens who saw the picture commented, “His legs are skinnier than a woman’s“, “His legs are prettier than mine“, and “Please gain weight“.
Meanwhile, LEDApple, comprised of members JaehoonKyuminYoungjunKwangyeon, andHyosuk, have been receiving attention for their unique live band performances. They are currently promoting their powerful, yet soothing title track, “How Dare You

KumakoChan -->wah, ngiri sayaaaaaah >w< kaki saya kan beda jauh sama kakinya Kyumin ..

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