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Translation Potato 2010 03 (Nakajima Yuto & Chinen Yuuri)

Chinen Yuuri
When I was child, I always consider Valentine as “the day to receive sweets”, so simply, it is happy day. Many people like if others give chocolate to them, nevertheless, because I totally don’t have sense like that, I think I can’t accept given chocolate (laugh). When I was elementary school’s student, I have known about the meaning of Valentine’s Day clearly, but I think I didn’t feel fidgety. I think if I can get chocolate, it would be good, but we also have to think about the consequences ne. Until now, I always think like that. Ah, but if the girl that I like who gives me chocolate, I want to receive that ne (laugh). Speaking about ideal situation, I want her seems talk normally like, “Ah, please take this, my handmade chocolate”. And then when she called me, I was like feel nervous and seem to receive her polite feeling, it’s not good to think too much about the giving way, just bundle it and then give it to me… Because of that, casual way is good. At some good dramas, there are situations where the boy was called by a girl, and then she hand over the chocolate. And then if he receives that, it’s good, but after that, you have to think how to start conversation, and how you can leave from that place ne. Somehow or other, it seems awkward.

What kind of a good man to be well liked, I think he won’t depend on visually appearance only na. A good man is not always about cool person, because I think that a good man is a person who can associate his good visually appearance and his good character/personality. I feel coolness is spirit/power. As example, when you can’t do bakkuten (note: backward somersault), then you have spirit/power to try it until you can do it, I think if I see the person like this who willing to take challenge, I feel, “It is really cool~”. And then, besides to become a cool man, I prefer to become the man who can talk nicely. But a girl is seems to prefer a man who has cool appearance ne. A good girl is not coarse/mean. I hope she can understands the atmosphere and has good talking way. Particularly, I don’t say the graceful girl is not good. Cheerful and spiritful is also good but I don’t like the girl who doesn’t obey common sense and manners, because if we go to somewhere later, it would be embarrassed. I think that thing is important yo.

Nakajima Yuuto

Valentine Day is the day when I will dress coolly and hope someone come near to me while somewhere in my heart said, “Who will give the chocolate to me?” (laugh). When I was in first grade of elementary school, I received chocolate from a girl who I like. At that time, I really feel happy. Is it mutual love?! It’s kind like that (laugh). I received obligatory-gift chocolate from all children too, but of course I will eat it (his girl’s chocolate) in the end. Usually the giving way is in gymnasium, the girl called the boy that she likes carefully. Because I don’t have experience like that, so I’m still don’t know what kind of feeling that appear at that time. Particularly, it’s fine if the place is not gymnasium (laugh). If you want give me directly at any rate, it’s also good. At that time, we know partner’s facial expression each other, it’s like you feel nervous and flurry. It’s good, isn’t it?

But, honestly I think that’s the time to me to do confession too. No matter whether you are male or female, if you like someone, confession is good, and Valentine’s Day becomes the warm welcome event to you to do that (laugh). Of course, for me, I am the side who did confession. It is the boy who have to do that things, isn’t it? As example, if I received the chocolate from the girl that I like, my face will give grinned smile. Because it’s easy to understand the feeling/emotion from facial expression, even though I have dressed coolly, temporarily, I think my cheek will become slacken (laugh).

What type of a good man? Hmm, he has good prince manners, or he has good smile, it’s hard to mention every type of that person. For me, a good man is the person who was cool, attractive, and kind ne. Roughly, it’s kind like that (laugh). Then, I think it’s really important to be able to concern about characteristic/personality. It’s not same case if it’s a girl. It depends on each person’s tastes yo. But recently, there are many candid girls yo ne. It’s really cool and I respect that, but of course I think that I want the cute girl. I think I will be charmed by that things ne. Speaking about cuteness, it’s not cute act yo. For me, the cuteness is appear by nature ne. If I can give advice, the girl usually use make up to make her personality, but I want you to show your various frank side without make up. Are you feel that I have spoken the good words? I feel shy~ (laugh).

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