Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Which B2ST member makes the most money?

On July 13th, the members of B2ST shared that rapper Yong Junhyung brought in the highest cash flow.
The boys guested on the latest episode of MBC TV’s ‘Radio Star‘, where they revealed that their wages were split equally, regardless of who appeared on variety shows, dramas, or commercials.
However, Junhyung’s income from his composing and writing is exempt from this equal distribution because it’s his own work, a benefit of his creative license.
Junhyung impressed the MCs by saying, “My income is a little more than I can handle.” Junhyung had a hand in many of B2ST’s hit songs, including “Shock,” “Fiction,” and “Thanks To“.
MC Kim Gura joked, “Poor Kikwang. He had to dance by himself next to a washing machine, and then had to share that money with the rest of you,” referring to Kikwang’s CF with actress Lee Na Young.
The episode also noted Junhyung’s past activities under the alias ‘Popping Dragon‘ with group Xing.

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