Sabtu, 27 Agustus 2011

B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA take a family photo in Japan

To forever remember their first family concert in Japan, idol stars B2ST4minute, and G.NA took a picture backstage.
On August 25th, 4minute’s Sohyun tweeted “Our United Cube concert in Japan is finished. It was a lot of fun.” She continued, “We’re the Cube family. Doojoon oppa, Junhyung oppa, Hyunseung oppa,Kikwang oppa, Dongwoon oppa, G.NA unni, Jihyun unni, Gayoon unni, Jiyoon unni, HyunA unni, Kwonsso [Sohyun's nickname] — you all did a great job.
The picture Sohyun tweeted shows everyone wearing the ‘United Cube’ concert shirt, while smiling and holding up ‘V’ signs.
Netizens commented, “They look like a real family“, “We want to see you in Korea!“, and “B2ST, 4minute, G.NA fighting!
Cube Entertainment held their ‘United Cube Concert’ earlier that afternoon in Tokyo. Congratulations to these hard-working stars for finishing their concert successfully!

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