Kamis, 08 September 2011

B1A4 unveils comeback teaser photo for Sandeul

The boys of B1A4 have announced that they’ll be making their comeback this month with their second mini-album!
On September 7th (8th in Korea), the teaser image for member Sandeul was released through their official homepage along with a list of exciting dates.
The digital release for their second mini-album is set for September 16th. Over the past week, they’ve delighted fans with image teasers of Baro, CNU, and Sandeul. The final teaser photo for Gongchan will be revealed tomorrow.
The boys had debuted with a colorful, cute style, but it seems that this time around, they’re aiming to try for something more trendy and fun.
Source: b1a4.com

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