Jumat, 16 September 2011

B2ST celebrates 700 days since their debut

Idol group B2ST recently celebrated their 700th day since making their debut, and they sent out loving messages to their fans.
On September 15th, maknae Son Dongwoon, tweeted, “I slept early and just woke up to realize that it’s been 700 days since B2ST was born. We’ve just started taking baby steps. Thank you for your support. I won’t say more. I love you B2UTY.
Following Dongwoon, Kikwang and Yoseob respectfully tweeted, “It’s already 700 days for B2ST. Wow. We’ve come this far thanks to you guys. Thank you B2UTY~“, and, “Thank you B2UTY. We will work harder and become cooler so you guys can say ‘I’m a B2ST fan!!’ anywhere proudly.
Netizens commented, “I hope you guys continue to grow and press on” and “We brag a lot about you guys already! Fighting“.
Congratz, Boys!! Fighting!! We love you too so much :**

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