Selasa, 13 September 2011

B2ST’s Dongwoon is a family man

B2ST’s Dongwoon was captured in two photos while spending time at home with his family for Chuseok.
Looking fashionable in sweats with an apron and rubber gloves on, Dongwoon is seen doing the dishes in the first picture uploaded on Twitter on the 11th. Dongwoon tweeted, “Helping my mom. It seems like whoever marries me will never have to get her hands wet”.
The second picture shows Dongwoon smiling down lovingly at a set of twin babies with the tweet, “Our babies.. they’re already almost 100 days old, hehehe. Jiyeon and Seoyeon”.
Awestruck by the photos, Netizens commented “Please marry me”, “I didn’t know you were such a family man”, and “Wahh.. I want to be that baby!”
Source: Dongwoon’s Twitter

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